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PWRDF is supporting Ukrainians forced to flee their homes due to the Russian invasion. The initial grant of $20,000 issued to an ACT Alliance appeal has been increased to $50,000. The grants will fund the work of ACT member Hungarian Interchurch Aid (HIA).

As the war began on February 24, tens of thousands of Ukrainians fled for safety elsewhere in Ukraine or to neighbouring countries. HIA has been working in Ukraine for more than 25 years in humanitarian and development projects. It had already shipped 28 tons of food to support those fleeing to Hungary, and their staff have been working with refugees at the Ukraine/Hungary border.

Yelena was one of hundreds of Ukrainians in line at a border crossing into Hungary, waiting with her three children while her husband is on the frontlines. She told ACT, “We heard that the Polish border is completely jammed, so we decided to cross the mountains and try to make it into Hungary. My sister is still on the way, I have no idea where she or my nieces are.”

On February 27, HIA set up a 24-hour refugee support point on the Hungarian side of the border at Beregsurány, where the line of refugees trying to cross into Hungary is kilometres long, says an ACT communiqué.

The support point was set up in a heated pavilion almost 4 km away in Asztély, Ukraine, near the border crossing. More tents and mobile toilets will be added in the coming days. HIA is providing hot tea, sandwiches, refreshments, blankets and basic hygiene items for Ukrainians, including many elderly and children who are waiting long hours to cross the border into Hungary.

“In addition to the tangible help at the support point, HIA also helps those arriving with information in Hungarian and Ukrainian, including how those in need can get temporary accommodation in Hungary,“ says ACT. There is also support from local volunteers, such as a nearby Serbian bakery who is providing fresh bread, made with flour donated from Hungary.

“We’ve been standing here at this border checkpoint for more than five hours,” says Yelena. “It is cold and my children are freezing. It is amazing to see that people are here to help, and even just talking to you gives us hope for a better future.”

How you can help

To make a donation to this response, click here, or go to and click on Response in Ukraine. You may also donate by phone at 416-822-9083 or leave a voicemail toll-free at 1-866-308-7973 and we will return your call, or mail your cheque to PWRDF, 80 Hayden, 3rd floor, Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 3G2. Please mark Ukraine in the memo field.

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Message to the congregation:

On Friday March 13, the parish received an urgent communication from Bishop Geoff. All gatherings and worship in the Diocese of Rupert’s Land are suspended as of Monday March 16.

What does this mean for us:
There will be no official meetings or Sunday worship with people in the parish in our worship space

The Pastoral Care team will not be doing home or senior residents communions

Some decisions or work may not be done in a timely basis, depending on the urgency of the work

What are the options for worship and spiritual sustenance available to us as a faith community?
In all of this situation, this world pandemic, it is important to remember that God is with us, that we are the body of Christ and that we are called to take care of one another, especially the vulnerable. It is for the safety and concern for the whole body, that we must do what is necessary to protect the body. Bishop Geoff is calling us to do just that - to self isolate and diminish our activities so that the vulnerable will be protected.

The body of Christ also needs sustenance if we cannot gather together around the Word and Sacraments. With that in mind, we, the Corporation of St. Chad’s will offer the following options:

1. Livestream Sunday worship services. A liturgical outline will be sent through electronic means- emails, Facebook and our website on Wednesdays. You may follow along with the liturgy having the words in front of you. There will be no musical aspects to worship at this time.
2. Create a weekly devotional: Formatted around “Dwelling in the Word”, which includes a prayer, a scripture reading, questions to consider, and a short devotional about the text . This will be sent through electronic means - emails, Facebook and on the website, each Saturday.

3. Invigorate our phoning tree: We are asking team leaders and callers to call out to parishioners once every two weeks, beginning the week of March 23. If you don’t want a call, then let your team leader or captain know so they can plan accordingly.

4. Keep the church building open: We will make available time for people to do their own prayer time or for one on one time with the rector. Set hours will be posted on Facebook and through email.

5. Continue with Lenten disciplines of prayer, fasting and study. If you wish to receive a copy of those resources on our bulletin board, please send an email to Rev Elaine and she will see that you receive a link to the site where to download the resources.

6. Seek Hope! Read, pray and speak the proclamation of hope to one another, through kind words and gestures, through phone conversations and emails to one another.

7. Give- Even though we are not in worship together, the ministry of the congregation still continues. If you are able, please send donations through the mail for specific ministries such as West Broadway Ministries as food will still need to be purchased when we are unable to bring it physically to the church. The parish budget still needs to be met. You may also send those by mail or through e-transfers. Contact Laura Frederick at 204-895-4896 if you have questions on how to do this.

During this fast paced week of information overload, please remember that the virus is transmitted through the mouth, eyes and nose. We wash our hands to ensure that every time we touch our mouth or nose we are able to cleanse the hands before they touch others or things around us where germs will reside.

Finally, I offer these pastoral thoughts:
In the First Commandment it says “You shall have no other gods”. This means we are to fear, love and TRUST God above all things. During this pandemic, this life changing and world changing trauma, we can remember that God can be trusted - for hope and grace and mercy in the midst of our fears and those other things that overwhelm us.

The Fifth Commandment says “ You shall not murder”. This means we are to fear and love God, so that we neither endanger nor harm the lives of our neighbours, but instead help and support them in all of life’s needs. We are being called to secure the safety of the vulnerable in this midst of this crisis. Its not murder but it is life threatening. I don’t mince words, as you know. We are doing this because of our concern for others. Its the ultimate sacrifice for the time being. Self isolating and sacrifice are hard things to do. Let us rely on one another to do what is right and good for the common endeavour of being Christ’s hands and feet and voice in the world today. God is with us in this!

Let us pray:
O God, look with compassion on this troubled world. Feed us with your grace, and grant mercy where it is needed. When we are empty in our isolation from one another, fill us with hope. Strengthen us through this adversity and warm us with your love that it may spread outwards to our neighbours. Bless our community of St Chad’s and all those who are hurting and in pain, those who are ill, those who are alone. Lay your healing hand upon us and give us peace.

Peace be with you.
Rev. Elaine
Mission Statement
St. Chad’s is a Christian parish that worships and learns in a spirit of unity,
caring for one another and for needs in the community and the world.

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